Driver Training – the role of the trainer

At nearly all of the meetings I go to with customers, a real focus is appearing on driver training and preventing accidents which lead to costly down-time and potential brand damage.

The role of the delivery driver is well-defined; they are on the front line representing our Customer and our Company, in some highly visible vehicles.

Our Driver Trainers have a very difficult role in that they are training users to drive a number of different vehicle types in a number of different circumstances, up against some critical time pressures. This clearly requires a high level of skill, qualifications and experience on different vehicle types.

This led me to ask the questions of ‘What qualifications are needed to be a successful driver trainer ?” The best practice we could identify was to work closely with RoSPA to qualify our trainers with their advanced driving qualifications, and to work closely with the customers product range to develop the knowledge required to pass on to our drivers. As a result, I am delighted to say that three of our team recently passed the Advanced Driving Qualification from RoSPA and continue to develop the best possible training courses for our drivers !