5th January 2021

Following the announcement on Monday 4th January 2021 from the Prime Minister about the re-introduction of an England wide lockdown during January and February we wanted to make contact and let you know our plans. We have reviewed the detail within the announcement have reached the decision to continue to operate, where possible, a full collection and delivery service in a COVID-19 safe manner and following all guidelines as published.

The logistics sector is seen as a vital component in the automotive supply chain and Government policy is very clear that supply networks must be kept operational. This applies to all supply chains, not just food and medicine, and that necessary travel by logistics workers to places of work such as distribution centres is therefore to be considered ‘essential travel’ in the context of current restrictions.

Our workforce has been operating a COVID-19 safe and compliant collection and delivery service since the end of the first lockdown and we will continue this process as we work through this new period.

All our workforce is equipped with the appropriate PPE and procedures along with safeguards in place for welfare checks and compliance audit.

Should you have any concerns please feel free to contact any member of the DMN team direct.

Thank you once again for your business and support during these unprecedented times.  Please stay safe.

Warmest Regards,

Nick Chadaway
Managing Director